FTSE 100 diversified group


A leading UK PLC was looking to appoint two high calibre Chief Financial Officers to transform the finance function and fortunes of two of their multi $bn US divisions. Our clients preference was to recruit two high performing UK based CFO’s, with relevant sector experience who would be willing to relocate to the USA for a minimum of three years.


After conducting an extensive market mapping exercise to identify key senior finance professionals within the sector, Lord tailored a confidential approach. We created a compelling argument as to why high calibre candidates, settled in their current role, should consider a challenging international move at this point in their career.

To support our confidential approach, we produced a detailed briefing document, not only accurately describing the client and the roles, but also locations, housing, schooling and lifestyle benefits.

First stage interviews were conducted by Lord in the UK. The second stage interviews where with the US stake holders via video conference call. The successful final shortlist of candidates were flown out to the US for their final interviews.  They also were able to have a tour of the local area and spend a meaningful amount of time with their prospective colleagues. This was to ensure a good cultural fit and to reinforce all the positives of the move.

Once  the preferred candidates had agreed in principal to a draft contract, they and their families were invited to return to the US. They were able to spend a week getting to know the people, area, challenges and opportunities before being asked to confirm their final decision.

This was key to not only getting the candidates full “buy in” but also to that of their families as well.


Two high calibre, high potential appointments. One from a direct competitor resulting in a very happy client.


By following a comprehensive and robust recruitment process tailored to meet the specific requirements of an international role, ensured the best candidates in terms of experience, fit and potential were recruited.

One year later, both the candidates have made a tremendous impact. They have reorganised and refocused poorly performing finance teams, introducing rigour and robust processes that have made a significant impact on divisional performance. Both candidates are now being positioned for their next move within the Group.