Assistant Chief Executive

Assistant Director – Adult Social Care

Assistant Director – Children’s Social Care

Assistant Director – Commissioning

Assistant Director – Early Help

Assistant Director – Education & Learning Services

Assistant Director – Quality Assurance

Board Member

Business Analyst

Chief Executive

Chief Finance and Section 151 Officer

Chief Operating Officer

Committee Member

Data Analyst

Director of Delivery

Director of Human Resources

Director of Intelligence

Director of IT

Director of Performance

Director of Policy & Strategy

Director of Resources

Director of Strategy & Planning

Finance Director

Head of Assessment & Care Management

Head of Children’s Social Care

Head of Looked After Children

Head of Performance

Head of Policy & Performance

Head of Referral & Assessment

Head of School Improvement

Head of SEND

Head of the Virtual School

Interim Assistant Director – Children’s Social Care

Interim Assistant Director – School Improvement

Interim Director of Children’s Services

Interim Director of Transformation

Interim Head of Commissioning

Interim Head of Primary School Improvement

Interim Head of Secondary School Improvement

Interim Head of SEND

Interim Programme Manager

Interim Project Manager

Managing Director

Operations Director

Principal Manager – Child Protection

Principal Social Worker (Adult Social Care)

Senior Service Manager – MASH (Adults’ & Children’s Social Care)

Service Manager – Child Protection & Children in Need

Service Manager – Children’s Social Care

Strategic Manager – Communications & Marketing

Strategic Manager – School Improvement

Team Managers – Referral & Assessment / Safeguarding / LAC