The benefits to both a candidate and recruiter of nurturing a long term trusting relationship are enormous.

With over twenty years of putting individuals at the centre of everything we do, we have enjoyed advising, supporting and guiding the careers of many exceptional candidates from their first roles post qualification, to their first board role and way beyond – helping them to maximise their contribution and exceed career expectations.

The examples are many, but it takes an open minded candidate to get the most out of the relationship, it is too simple to see all recruiters as the same and not invest the time and trouble in nurturing the relationship and listening to objective advice that may not always be what you want to hear.

Careers are marathons and not sprints and you will experience many bumps, bends and directional choices in yours, how you handle them will determine the outcome, acceptable or exceptional ?

That’s where we come in.

Candidate Journeys

All different but with many similarities, whether you first meet us as a recent qualifier or as an experienced finance professional, not just as a candidate, but often as a client.

Many long term relationships have first been forged when recruiting for a client, demonstrating the strength of our process, leveraging our experience and expertise and delivering a successful outcome. It’s personal, it’s important and a great way to get to know one another.


One such journey started with Alan over twenty years ago when he was the Financial Controller of a well-known FMCG business, recently relocated and promoted, he was looking to strengthen a poorly performing team. He approached us, we analysed the skills, experience and culture of his team, made and delivered recruitment recommendations that transformed their performance, ultimately securing Alan’s next promotion.

However, the business was taken over, the head office closed and Alan was made redundant. This was unforeseen and unpleasant – what should he do next, who could he turn to ?

We dusted him down, sharpened his CV and discussed his options, ironically recommending that he didn’t take the first role he was offered as he wasn’t quite ready for it and that he should secure an interim position first to aid his rehabilitation.

Together we secured him an interim role and he soon became indispensable to the company, who offered him the role on a permanent basis. But was it the right role, would it make the most of his experience and develop his career. Again together we agreed that he needed a bigger challenge, we refined his CV, gave him support on interview technique and introduced him to a number of employing organisations and he successfully secured his first main board position of a £200 million pa consumer goods business – and what was his first task, to improve the performance of a poorly performing team.


We have now worked with Alan for over twenty years; we have provided him with independent advice and support for all of his career and recruitment decisions, they have been informed, well-judged and made a significant contribution to his notable career, have we made a good team – absolutely.