The market for newly qualified ACA’s is aggressive and uncompromising with a plethora of recruiters contacting candidates whether they like it or not, promoting a myriad of job opportunities
that are “absolutely right for you !!”

It’s an exciting time, you have qualified, you are receiving lots of attention, everyone wants to speak to you, the world is clearly your oyster and so this is the start of your successful career.

Right Choices

But careers are marathons and not sprints. Consistently making the right choices is often the difference between having an exciting and successful career rather than a disappointing one.

But how do you consistently make the right choices, the ones that are right for you and your career?

It’s not easy, there is so much conflicting advice.  Who can you trust, surely not a recruiter, they are only in it for their fee after all?

Reassuringly, not all recruiters are the same. Lord have over twenty years’ experience of advising and guiding careers, in fact many of our clients today were once newly qualified ACA’s. They remember looking for that impartial advice and reassurance that that they were making the right decisions for the long term, not just the short term.

How we can help

We will listen and gain a detailed understanding of your preferences, focusing on your skills, experience and ambition, what you would like to specialise in and with whom and of course where would you like to work – our network of clients is both national and international.

Branching out after 3 or 4 years is daunting, with so many opportunities presented to you, from Internal Audit, Financial Accounting, Corporate Finance, Finance Analyst….then FTSE 250, Group role, SME or boutique, the list is almost endless.

It is sometimes difficult to know what direction to take and that’s where we can help.

Our considerable experience allows us to give impartial advise, to discuss your options, to support and guide you through your personal decision making process.

Defining your preferences is one thing – securing that right job is another ?

There are many variables that we can help you control. Which employers are notified of your interest. The quality of your CV. The amount of time spent you spend on preparation and most importantly how you present yourself and how well do you interview?

We will invest that time in you, coaching through engagement and supporting you on every step of your career, sharing your experiences and celebrating your successes.


Take the next step

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