touch- tablet in hands Business man

In 2016 iOS developers were the 3rd most sought after skill in the UK. So finding a Senior iOS Developer to work in Worcestershire was never going to be easy, it’s not exactly Nottinghill.  LORD were contacted by a small software development agency after they had already spent 6 months looking  and had used 4 or 5 other agencies.


In order to succeed where others had failed we had to establish why they had failed and find out exactly what our client was looking for. Our senior consultant Matthew Wragg made an appointment to meet with the senior team and really get under the skin of the company and its products. In a small company cultural fit is as important as finding the right skills and you can’t establish that over the telephone. This is why LORD always meet our clients and always interview the candidates face to face before presenting them to the clients. During the visit Matthew got a full understanding of the business, the opportunity and the culture of the company.

Understanding the brief is always the most crucial part of the process, otherwise it is exceptionally difficult to target the right candidates. The company needed someone with XCode, Interface Builder, Objective C, Cocoa Touch and Swift experience as well as someone who had published iOS apps in the app store

We undertook our candidate research which is a combination of headhunting in targeted companies, on line advertising and search of our own extensive database of candidates built up over many years. We then had a short list of potential candidates to present to our client.


At a visit with the client we presented 3 candidates all of which they took to 1st stage interview and then to a 2nd interview where the candidates were technical tested by the client and underwent a rigorous interview process as is standard for a senior level position. Of the 3 one was offered and started work 2 weeks later.


Even with difficult to fill roles in a skill shortage profession following the correct process and getting to know both your candidates and clients pays dividends in the end.